Dependency parsing

Syntactic dependency parsing

We have recently published an API with significantly improved processing accuracy. You can find the documentation on the API here, while there is a web application for testing the API available here.

MSTParser models used in an experiment with dependency parsing of Croatian. Two models are available for download:

The models are based on a new simplified dependency-syntactic formalism for Croatian, as implemented in the SETimes Dependency Treebank of Croatian (SETimes.HR Treebank). Overall parsing accuracy is observed at 75-78% in labeled attachment (LAS). The MSD model outperforms the POS model. Both models are trained on CoNLL-X data from SETimes.HR Treebank, i.e., 2 500 sentences with lemmas and morphosyntactic tags as features (CoNLL-X columns LEMMA, CPOSTAG and POSTAG were used). The data is provided under the CC-BY-SA-3.0 license.

Please cite this paper when using the models:

Agić, Ž.; Merkler, D. (2013.) Three Syntactic Formalisms for Data-Driven Dependency Parsing of Croatian. In Text, Speech and Dialogue. Lecture Notes in Computer Science. Berlin, Heidelberg, Springer, 2013, pp. 560–567.

For a more detailed description of the new formalism, see also this paper:

Merkler, D.; Agić, Ž.; Agić, A. (2013.) Babel Treebank of Public Messages in CroatianProcedia — Social and Behavioral Sciences, 95, 2013, pp. 490–497.